Constructing the Best Log Home


A log home is a house that is primary built of logs. This type of home is not as sophisticated as most homes of today which are usually built of materials such as stones, blocks, asbestos among others. However, the log home has stood the test of time tracing its roots back many years. It has also continued to be built though at a lower scale than it was built many years ago. The fact that log homes are built of logs should not be used to infer that they are not comfortable. On the contrary, well built log homes are very comfortable.

How are Log Homes Idaho constructed in the modern day? First of all, it should be understood that the use of logs has not changed or logs have not been replaced with other materials. You should first ensure that you select the best types of logs for such a house. Hardwood trees such as camphor offer the best logs for this house due to the fact that they are durable. After selecting the logs, split them horizontally ensuring that the splitting is done with a high degree of precision. Logs that have not been split well may not fit well into each other hence posing a problem during construction.

The next phase includes selecting the place for constructing the house. This might not be the same as when one wants to build stone-walled houses. It is important to select a place with a good drainage system bearing in mind that wood can rot when it comes into contact with water. Having selected the place well, proceed to interlock the split logs carefully ensuring that there are no spaces left in between. It might be important to use the services of a construction worker who is experienced in building using logs. Know more about log houses at

A small foundation might be necessary though not at all times. The logs should be laid horizontally ensuring that they are on one straight vertical elevation. The ends of the logs are usually notched together with great precision so as to ensure that they hold tight for durability. This also helps in giving the house a good look. Nailing is used in the modern world though it was not used in the past. Nailing however makes the house or cabin long lasting.

The roof of the log house can be made of wood or rafters though modern day constructions can also have iron sheets. However, rafters give the log house a good look. Some states of America still have log homes in the modern day. The state of Idaho is a case example where log home builders have come up with sophisticated ways of making Log Homes appealing. There are also entertainment places which use log houses since they offer a cooling effect especially during hot summers.


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