Myths About Luxury Log Homes


Many people dream of owning a luxury log home, but there are a lot of misconceptions that surround these homes; those regarding the strength of the home, the maintenance and more. So much so that it has caused hesitation for some that were planning to have a luxury log home for themselves. Instead of living in the luxury Log Homes Alpine of their dreams, they end up getting a traditional home since they didn’t want to experience any trouble when it fact many of their fears are myths.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #1;

One of the most common fears of owning luxury log homes is the regular maintenance that it would require over the course of many years; the settling of the logs might create problems like gaps and such. If you’re cutting the trees to be used on your own when build a log home, this will like happen. But thanks to modern day technology, log homes are built by Log Home Builders Idaho with the use of well-seasons log which are pre-cut to shape even before they’re used. Not only that, but the majority of professionals who provide the specific kind of logs stock only the fine and rot-resistant kind of wood; they can withstand insects and the elements.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #2;

Luxury log homes can cost thrice as much as any luxury home. Well, this myth will depend on the kind and appearance that you’re aiming for. They cost as much as you’re willing to invest into your new luxury log home. When using the good pre-shaped and pre-cut manufactured wood it wouldn’t cost as much as you might think unless you want to build a mini castle with them. Traditional homes need layers upon layers of material; the frame of the house, shielding, siding, insulation and more. On the other hand, log homes only need the log and you basically have the siding, insulation and framework in one material. Check out this website at for more info about log houses.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #3;

It’s widely believed that log homes are extremely difficult to finance, this myth may be true for certain cases. A handful of banks view log homes as unwanted risks since they don’t fully understand how log homes are built. But keep in mind that there’s no real shortage if you’re looking for national lending companies or even local banks that are willing to finance them; this is especially true for places where log homes are not uncommon. Many of these establishments are already comfortable with the idea of a log home and are happy to help.


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